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About MOSA (English)

MOSA Nonprofit Corporation

Since 1995, MOSA has provided support to Macintosh software developers throughout Japan. In December 2004, MOSA was designated a non-profit corporation.

MOSA offers a variety of services and activities to its members:

“MOSA Developer News”

“MOSA Developer News” is a weekly magazine delivered by email. The magazine features several on-going series’ of articles about various aspects of Macintosh development. Some of articles are written by members of MOSA, other articles are Japanese translations by MOSA of articles previously published elsewhere in English.

MOSA sponsors seminars

Through out the year MOSA sponsors seminars, study meetings, briefings and social gatherings. At these events MOSA members learn more about new tools, technologies, and resources available to assist them in their development activities.


The MOSA Software Meeting

The MOSA Software Meeting is an annual 2 days technical seminar held in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Each year about one hundred Japanese developers gather to sharpen their skills. Apple Japan supports the annual MOSA Software Meeting, often providing guest speakers and other resources.


The annual WWDC briefing

Because not all Japanese developers are able to travel to the United States to attend Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference(WWDC), each year MOSA provides a briefing in Tokyo following the conference. The briefing, conducted by senior members of MOSA who attended the conference, summarizes the most relevant information for Japanese developers. The annual WWDC briefing is co-sponsored by Apple Japan. MOSA also holds a similar briefing in January following Macworld EXPO in San Francisco.


MOSA corporate member-only meetings

MOSA corporate members are eligible to attend member-only meetings to exchange information and study specific topics. One such event last year was attended by representatives of Apple’s World Wide Developer Relation staff from the United States. During the event Japanese developers were able to give their feedback directly to Apple.

MOSA member’s cafe, party

MOSA holds social events during year, including a member’s cafe´ and a New Year’s party.



Seminars are held several times a year on key technologies of interest to those doing professional development. Recent topics have included WebObjects, Cocoa, and Driver development. Seminars for beginners are given to promote interest in Macintosh programming in the next generation of developers.

The MOSA business matching service

The MOSA business matching service connects MOSA members with companies seeking assistance with Macintosh development. Members of MOSA provide both development assistance and consulting services.

On the MOSA web site, members may register the details of their job skills. When MOSA receives a request for development assistance, the request is matched against the job skills registered by members. This service makes benefits companies in need of Macintosh development assistance by providing a centralized resource to search for Macintosh developers in Japan. The service benefits Macintosh developers in Japan by providing them with the opportunity to obtain additional business opportunities.

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